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Give to FAI Today during the Giving Challenge!

Double Your Impact: Join the 2024 Giving Challenge and Support the Fight Against Food Addiction!

As the clock struck noon today, a wave of generosity swept across our community. The 2024 Giving Challenge is here, and it's your chance to make a real difference in the lives of those battling food addiction. For 24 hours, from April 9th noon to April 10th noon ET, the Patterson Foundation pledges to match every donation between $25 and $100, amplifying your kindness and doubling the impact of your gift.

The Food Addiction Institute (FAI) stands at the forefront of this compassionate movement, advocating for the recognition of food addiction as an official substance use disorder in the DSM5. This inclusion is crucial, as it paves the way for abstinence-based rehabilitative treatment, offering hope and recovery to countless individuals.

Your support during the Giving Challenge is more than just a monetary contribution; it's a declaration of solidarity, a beacon of hope that cuts through the overwhelming tide of need. With the Patterson Foundation's matching gift opportunity, your donation of $25 to $100 will go twice as far, echoing your commitment to the cause and resonating with the mission of FAI.

Imagine a world where every act of kindness is magnified, where your support not only contributes to the fight against food addiction but also fosters awareness and the establishment of effective treatment facilities and provides training certification for food addiction professionals. This is the transformative power of the Giving Challenge.

So, open your hearts and get ready to click. From noon today until noon tomorrow, let's unite for a cause that touches lives and rebuilds futures. Your generosity can change the narrative for food addicts, creating a ripple effect of positive change that extends far beyond the 24-hour window of the Giving Challenge.

Together, we can double the love, double the support, and double the hope. Join us in the 2024 Giving Challenge and witness the power of your generosity in action. Let's make this moment count for the Food Addiction Institute and for every life waiting to be transformed.

#BeTheOne who stands up, reaches out, and makes a difference.


Your contribution, no matter the size, represents a powerful vote of confidence in our mission and the lives of those we aim to touch.

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