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5 Key Improvements to our New Food Addiction Institute Website

The Food Addiction Institute listened to your feedback and have rolled out fresh design options to enhance your experience on our website!

For a short time, we have opened up all of the features so you can help us improve them!! We want your feedback so we can support everyone's journeys towards understanding food addiction as a distinct substance use disorder, understanding the process to achieve and maintain long term recovery from the addiction with abstinence from trigger foods, and finding the extraordinary support required to achieve long term recovery!

You are not alone!

Enhanced Features on the Website include:

Enter your terms in the search bar in the top navigation, to dive into the search results which will show both articles and entries from our collected archive of research. You can click through the APA Citations of the research, to a 2nd page with summary information and option to download the full article (available for a short period of time).

Catch up on guests interviewed by Cynthia Myers-Morrison on our webinar recordings now available on our website and on our Youtube channel playlist.

Our blog has transformed into informative articles, complete with reading times, so you know exactly how much time you'll need, with recommendations for additional reading.

Stay in the loop with our upcoming events and get involved with our initiatives to have food addiction included in the DSM5 as a substance use disorder.

April 9-10 from 12 Noon to 12 Noon for our biggest fundraiser of the year and Be The One to support FAI in the 2024 Giving Challenge!

Explore the new features today and join us on the journey to recovery from food addiction as a substance use disorder!

We have a new mobile app on Spaces by Wix! (please join us on the new app even if you joined previously!)

Please comment! We welcome your ideas and suggestions!

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