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Dr. Olubunmi Aboaba | FAI Board Member
Hosted by Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD, CFAP, Board Member, FAI Webinars Dr. Olubunmi Aboaba is a Food Addiction Counsellor, and author of Craving Freedom, helping clients achieve a healthy relationship with food to meet long-term health goals. Olubunmi has her own personal story of beating addiction including food addiction which means she can relate to the people she helps on a daily basis.
Experiencing Food Addiction from the Inside with Michael Prager
Michael Prager is author of his memoire Fat Boy, Thin Man. He discusses his experience coming to the term with his food addiction and the transformation his life has had as a result of recovering from this disease. Hosted by Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD, CFAP, Board Member, FAI Webinars
Dr. Mark Cheren | FAI Board Member
Hosted by Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD, CFAP, Board Member, FAI Webinars Mark Cheren, EdD, who serves as Executive Director for the HISC Collaborative, is a continuing professional development consultant in Shaker Heights, Ohio. He earned his doctorate in Postsecondary Education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where as a planning doctoral candidate he helped redesign the School of Education's curriculum, initiated two undergraduate degree programs, and co-founded the New England Clearinghouse for Student Initiated Change in Higher Education. His background includes work in continuing professional development, higher education administration, performance improvement and in organizational learning. For six years he served as Director of Continuing Medical Education at the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Other roles have included: Coordinator for Program Advisor Affairs and Administrative Coordinator (ceo) for Campus-Free College; Assistant Director, National Office of Training and Development, American Red Cross; Director, Cleveland Center, Capital University Adult Degree Program; and Director, Center for Professional Development, Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Dr. Cheren is interested in practice-based, outcome-focused interventions in healthcare; the development of on-line resources to support the improvement initiatives of healthcare professionals; and broadly, the design and development of learning environments in healthcare settings that tend to stimulate and support improvement.
An Interview with Cynthia Myers Morrison | My Food Addiction Story
Cynthia J. Myers-Morrison, Ed.D. served as an educator for one of her careers: including the English Specialist position for all of Los Angeles Unified School District 7-12 schools as well as teaching and administrative positions for 17 and 10 years respectively. Her dedication to life long learning and attaining and maintaining freedom from addictions (alcohol, drugs, nicotine, sex, grains, sugar, codependency, cluttering, and workaholism) led her to Food Addiction Institute. As Co-chair with David Avram Wolfe for the webinars and in her work as Vice Chair of FAI, she strives to support individuals, families, legislators, and educators in changing responses to food addiction. Recovery is achievable and maintainable! Additional training in INFACT, IIN, Boston Trauma Center, and other credentialing supports her in assisting those struggling with their relationships with food and others. Her interest in genealogy, genes, and Daughters of the American Revolution add depth and history to her current work in Food Addiction.
Susan Branscome | FAI Board Member
Hosted by Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD, CFAP, Board Member, FAI Webinars
H. Theresa Wright | FAI Board Member
Interviewed by: Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD As nutrition therapist, registered and licensed dietitian and nutritionist, Theresa has worked with people struggling with compulsive eating, obesity, eating disorders, weight loss and food addiction and helped them deal sanely and effectively with their food, eating, and body weight issues for more than 36 years. She is most acclaimed for her individual and global success with thousands of clients who have improved their lives after working with her to create and maintain successful eating and recovery programs, often in consultation with their own physicians, therapists and other health-care professionals. Under her direction, Renaissance Nutrition Center, Inc. was developed to provide programs and services to help people develop the skills, tools and lifestyle changes that lead to freedom from self-destructive food behaviors. These programs include both in-person and virtual seminars and workshops which encourage a sane approach to eating and living.
Feeding the Food Addict with or without Bariatric Surgery with David Avram Wolfe
Hosted Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD, FAP, SUGAR® C&L, HMA Specialist David Avram Wolfe presents his model for working with food addicts which will explore how to identify trigger foods through the Trigger Food Triangle. He explains how to work with the food addict who has already had bariatric surgery.
Dave Avram Wolfe | FAI Board Member
Hosted by Cynthia Myers-Morrison, EdD, CFAP, Board Member, FAI Webinars