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FA should be considered a sort of transnosological construct existing in different sychopathological domains that have similarities with substance-related, affective, and eating disorders. Furthermore, FA seems to be likely an important factor related to several psychopathological dimensions, but further studies are needed to clarify this view.
Food addiction is an emerging area of both clinical and research interest. The current review discussed several definitional and conceptual categorisations that have been put forth to quantify food addiction. However, the YFAS 2·0 concept predominates the literature. Similarly, evidence shows some similarities of food addiction with established eating disorders, particularly BED. Thus, the current review supports two main areas of contention that warrant much more research; considering food addiction as a substance-related addiction or a behavioural-related addiction and if food addiction is distinct from established eating disorders. Further research is needed to continue to delineate and clarify controversies about similarities and differences in food addiction with other concepts and established disorders.
Food addiction and psychiatric comorbidities a review of current evidence
Piccinni, A., Bucchi, R., Fini, C., Vanelli, F., Mauri, M., Stallone, T. , Cavallo, E. D. , & Claudio, C.(2020). Food addiction and psychiatric comorbidities: a review of current evidence. Eat Weight Disord.
Food addiction and psychiatric comorbidities a review of current evidence

773 publications on FA using PubMed and 26 publications using PsychINFO. A total of 38 publications were identifed, while the others were excluded as not meeting the pre-specifed
selection criteria of our review

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