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Rising to the Challenge of Obesity and Diabetes: Zurich virtual conference, free access

The Fixing Metabolic Health conference will bring together experts to share their research on the mechanisms and root causes of insulin resistance and metabolic ill-health, as well as the connection to historical and current nutritional policy.

We will build on the publications and core research of Food for Thought 2023: Rising to the challenge of obesity and diabetes. Understanding practically how interventions achieve success, looking at the evidence of their outcomes, and being aware of the challenges they face in changing lifestyle behaviours, especially nutrition, are important for health systems, providers and payers considering implementing such programmes.

Finally, some of the trailblazing psychiatrists and researchers focusing on metabolic health and its impact on the brain will share insights, including using metabolic health as part of their clinical interventions.

Monday October 9th: 

Fixing Metabolic Health, with a special focus on Mental Health!

8:30 am Central European time / 2:30 am Eastern U.S. time / 5:30 pm Sydney time (AEDT).

Register free here: 

Tuesday October 10th and Wednesday October 11th: 

Food for Thought 2023: Rising to the Challenge of Obesity and Diabetes 

8:30 am to 6:15 pm Central European time

Register free here:

Georgia Ede will  be presenting at both of these special events, along with some of the most important voices in the fields of metabolic health, mental health, and nutrition science, including:

  • Jan Ellison Baszucki, visionary founder of the Baszucki Brain Research Fund and mother of Matt Baszucki (who used a ketogenic diet to put severe bipolar disorder into long-term remission)

  • Dr. Iain Campbell, a pioneering researcher advancing our scientific understanding of the metabolic underpinnings of bipolar disorder (who has also put his own bipolar disorder into long-term remission with a ketogenic diet)

  • Dr. Ashley Gearhardt, a prolific and clear-eyed scientist who specializes in ultraprocessed food addiction

  • Dr. Ben Bikman, one of the world’s most knowledgeable scientists in the field of insulin resistance, a phenomenal teacher, and the author of Why We Get Sick

  • Nina Teicholz, journalist, author of Big Fat Surprise, and founder of The Nutrition Coalition

  • Dr. Shebani Sethi, founder of the world’s first metabolic psychiatry program at Stanford University

  • Dr. David Unwin, whose publication of real-world low-carb data from his primary care clinic in the UK is showing the world a hopeful way out of our global metabolic health crisis

  • Dr. Jason Fung, world-renowned expert on intermittent fasting and metabolic health and author of Life in the Fasting Lane and many other books on the subject

  • Dr. Robert Cywes, a bariatric surgeon specializing in the application of low-carbohydrate diets and cognitive-behavioral approaches to obesity and carbohydrate addiction

Please help spread the word about these special events!

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Monday event:

Tues/Wed event:

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Monday Event:

Join @GeorgiaEdeMD @bigfatsurprise@BenBikmanPhD @IainCampbellPhD@ShebaniMD @janellison & others @SwissReon Mon Oct 9 to make the case for better #mentalhealth through better #metabolichealth. Virtual attendance is FREE and open to all!

Tues/Wed Event:

Join @GeorgiaEdeMD @drjasonfung@lowcarbGP @BenBikmanPhD & others on Mon Oct 10 & Tue Oct 11 for this year’s cutting-edge Food for Thought conference hosted by @SwissRe & @bmj_latest. Virtual attendance is FREE and open to all!

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