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Infact School Alumni Showcase: Julie Clark

Updated: Sep 4

Julie Clark before and after
"I help gastric bypass patients determine whether carbohydrate addiction and/or post-op nutritional malabsorption are problems for them. If so, I guide them through a structured recovery process to overcome those complex challenges. "I hold three food addiction Certifications and enjoy long-term recovery myself, peacefully maintaining my ideal body weight after losing 200 pounds (91 kilos). "I use the knowledge and experience from my own successful journey to help others “bypass” years of needless suffering. "As an award-winning, nationally touring professional singer/songwriter, I write and perform folk/pop songs about many aspects of carb addiction recovery. I provide live performances for virtual and face-to-face recovery intensives, treatment programs, events, conferences and trainings. "Listeners are introduced to each song and “invited in” to experience the powerful emotions and lessons conveyed."Training and certification through the INFACT School gave me the knowledge and skills to begin helping food addiction clients on a professional basis. It also significantly deepened my own recovery and introduced me to a worldwide community of fellow food addiction professionals."I highly recommend INFACT training/certification for anyone committed to helping themselves and others overcome the disease of food addiction."Julie Clark's interviews and music

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