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Peer Group Support

People addicted to food need extensive support in order to work their way through recovery from their condition. You may find this support from family and friends. But it is often the case that the extraordinary amount of support that you need is too much for family and friends to supply, even if you are also being supported by a healthcare or allied health professional experienced in dealing with food addiction. If this is the case, a peer support group of some kind, such as those listed below, may prove to be helpful.

They can be a place to find a concentrated number of food addicts actively working on their own recovery, a number of useful publications and regular support meetings. But it is important to realize that all peer support groups are not the same, even those that are part of the same network of groups.  

When looking for a group that will meet your particular, very individual needs, here are some things you might well want to consider:

  • Is the group committed to abstinence-based recovery from Food Addiction?

  • Does the group have members who have several years of abstinent recovery?

  • Are abstinent members willing to coach or sponsor someone new?

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