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Are You A Food Addict?

Are you wondering if you are a food addict?


Do you start the day promising yourself you will not binge, only to give in to another day of overeating?


Are you ashamed of how much you eat?


These are important questions and the answers to them will help you to decide whether or not you are addicted to food. Unfortunately, there is no simple laboratory test to determine if you have a food addiction or any other type of addiction. But you can take our quiz to help you decide. If some of the answers to these questions are yes, it can indicate the condition of food addiction.


This set of questions is based on a preliminary screen developed by Bitten Jonsson, Reg. Nurse, LegSSK, a Swedish food addiction professional and David Avram Wolfe MS, RD, CNSC, FAC, Registered Dietitian and Food Addiction Counselor.


Please note Sweets * can be any carbohydrate such as pasta, bread, desserts, cookies, soda, ice cream, pizza, cereal, potatoes, rice, sweeteners, with or without fat etc.

(S-UNCOPE Screening for Food/Sugar.) 

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